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Нищо не е приключило, докато не е приключило!

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The masks and gloves of the Swiss company Livinguard, treated with their own, patented and certified technology, offer the most effective and long-lasting protection against viruses and bacteria, including SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19). The revolutionary technology allows combining in one, the best qualities of medical and surgical masks (EN 146), which protect people around us and personal protective masks (EN 149, FFP2, N95, KN95), which protect ourselves. In addition, they are reusable, environmentally friendly, have a beautiful design, offer a high level of comfort and are extremely affordable with a daily cost of 0.30 BGN.





Livinguard's products not only protect against Coronavirus, they have been proven to destroy it by 99.9%, thus helping to reduce its spread. They are designed specifically to shield you against viruses and bacteria, and because the technology on which they are based does not rely on a high level of filtration, this allows for much better breathing, compared to personal protective masks. The products do not contain metals and are not toxic to the skin and lungs. They are made of high quality materials in the EUAll of this makes Livinguard's masks simply the best antiviral masks on the market.